Delay rate. Charge or not?

When I make a budget for a client, whether it is a website, a logo, or any job that involves design and creation, I take into account not only the complexity of the work, but also, I set a deadline so that I can deliver the final product with quality, checking for any errors, test phase, etc.

If I have time, with only few jobs in progress, I can plan to deliver a service with a shorter term, since my dedication will be spent most of the time dedicated to this job. When otherwise, I ask for more time than usual, so I can keep the same quality of delivery, without compromising the other jobs in progress.

Many professionals combine payment with their customers, setting 50% before and 50% after finalizing and that is where the danger lives.

What a lot happens, mainly in the development of sites, clients, for lack of planning or sometimes in bad intentions, do not deliver the content so that we can finalize and deliver on the agreed time, so with the site not finalized, we ended up not receiving , once we were “stuck” by agreeing that the second payment would done on the delivery of the site.

When the customer decides to contact you to finish, it has often been months, and you are involved in other projects, do not have the same time as before, when you made the initial budget, and thus, the customer begins to ask you to finish it, as if you were eternally disposed.

Unfortunately if we do not present a contract before, describing these points through clauses, we are subject to entering such a situation, but it is worth remembering that even with the contract this happens.

And what the output, finalizing the site to receive, tightening their agenda and their commitments with a job that you had already discarded for lack of customer feedback, after dozens of emails charging return and that suddenly resolved resurface from the shadows?

The client should know that you have other commitments and are not always available to him, and you can not and should not sacrifice yourself for it, so the best way is to talk, put the situation on the table and come up with a solution.

First is to reassess the issues, and calculate how many hours it will take to finalize the site completely, once you finally have all the content in hand, then you analyze how your time is and how you will reconcile the delivery of this pending and not compromise their other activities.

Since this is a job that has suddenly come up in the middle of your activities, you can not simply put it on the list and the chores, no matter how many jobs you do not have, but you need to add a so that you are not harmed, and the customer understands that your work is professional, otherwise the client will end up dictating the norms of your business, and this is not “business”, you will end up weakening it up front.

You may call it a “late fee,” or you may charge to reopen the job because you think it has been abandoned, anyway, it goes the way you find most comfortable, but always being clear, objective, and having primarily ways of because he considered the work abandoned, for example, presenting history of his last emails charging content and pending issues that have never been delivered to the present time.

Understanding the client and having common sense, know that sometimes they do not do it wrong, but you have to value yourself to survive as a freelancer.

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