Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is an awesome tool for you who wants to animate your banner and go further in web design.

I’m the one who used to work with Flash, back in 2009 but because this tool is not anymore welcome in browsers, I stoped to use, but I was missing something like this.

Looking for jobs in Ireland, I realized that many companies ask for knowledge in this tool, so I decided to download it and see what is going on.

Because I had this background in Flash, it wasn’t that hard to get used to it, so I did this little banner as a test. I also like the Guinness advertisings, so I came up with this animation.

I found a picture on google images, and with photoshop and illustrator I did all the graphic elements on screen, and that’s the result.

I think it’s not bad for my first banner after years without work with animation.

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