My experience working in construction of house and the relationship improving construction of websites

You may be wondering, what a Web Designer was doing in construction, knocking, putting floor to floor on the wall, wearing the worst clothes, but I’ll go over the lines below to show this relationship, and what I learned in 3 months working in the United States in construction, more specifically “helper”, known as servant or helper of mason.

After 10 months in Dublin working as graphic designer, going through two companies and freelancing, I still was not satisfied and I was looking for a company that was more secure than doing freelancing work for customers who wanted to explore you the most.

After an invitation of a great friend, I went to the USA to “take a break”, work with him, make some money, and maybe, work in design creation, but the main point was to work on construction.

A little bit of everything happened, I worked in the construction, I did walks and good business as a freelancer. I had the opportunity to manage an important project on the web, in addition to developing 2 websites, all this experience amidst hard construction work.

I was scared in the begining, anyway I went thru this and I can say that I was successful, the secret is to face your fears, so here it goes.

Whatever work you start you need to study, be it for an online project like website development, or just mix the mass. Sometimes the manager will ask you to mix the dough, which basically is to put a quantity of powdered cement in a bucket, mix with water and beat. The point is, some will want this mass to be more consistent, others that this mass is more watery, depends on the floor, the size of tile, the pottery, or sometimes even the personal taste of each professional who asks.

Meeting the expectation of those who pass the service is essential for the success of the work, be it a website or a beautiful room with well-aligned floors between them. Moving on to the digital world, we also go through the same steps, but sometimes we forget to understand the customer, how he likes, what he expects, and so often the customer does not approve, ask for adjustments, or even, situations, demolish and start from scratch.

Well laid ceramic tiles require care, you may have no idea what the work is, but there, we are dealing with planning, math, which involves alignment, spacing and leveling, and a lot of patience.

Unlike codes, where an error can be circumvented with a “control + z” or “cmd + z”, in the works this represents many hours of in vain effort, an error of measures for example, can make that floor that you spent all day sitting, be taken off, and thank you if the cement has not dried yet.

I’m not slowing down the work of the programmer, I’ve spent days breaking my head to solve a CSS puzzle, php lines of codes, and I know how laborious and develop a portal with many features. How many times I found it boring to have to put the “tags” (paragraph) and (broken line) in long texts sent by the client without formatting, or how many times I was enraged when a site viewed cool on the Iphone but not on Android and you do not find out the reason.

The great learning is to know that our problems developing a website can be seen as a challenge and not as something “boring”, so I learned to be more patient and careful, to understand the client, just as the mason would like you to mix the mass, align the images, with the same care that aligns the tiles, I believe that, thus, it is possible to build something of value, be it a building, or a site.

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