My UX Design experience in Ireland

This week I finished the training course in UX Design that happened at the city of Dublin. It was two days of learning with a nice group and a experienced professional in UX Design.

During these two days I could understand a little about the daily life of an UX Designer in agencies, dealing with different scenarios and situations, usability test, technics and strategies to catch the user’s attention and make everything easier for him.

These procedures are extremely important to the goals of a company and offering a good user experience to this user, you are making sure he will be happy about your product and get involved to it.

As a internship in a company based in Dublin, I will try to put in practice some of my experience and make things happen.

Every week I’m going to write some of my adventures here, saying about my experience as graphic designer here, and some other things. Keep in touch 🙂

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